Love is something many search for, but few understand


Love is something many envision for themselves but may have never truly experienced.  Many have seen the romantic movies and have read the poetry and the fiction, but lost belief.  Love to some is a fantasy, it couldn’t be real, not like what they portray it to be.  I mean it couldn’t possibly be so heavenly, so gentle and so kind.  Love couldn’t possibly make you feel that good, or that warm.  Love couldn’t wake you up every morning  hugging and kissing you from a “good morning” text message or hidden “sticky note”.  Love couldn’t possibly be real, it couldn’t be that good, for most have never experienced something that amazing in their lifetime.  Most people haven’t had the pleasure to wake up and just know.  At least not yet!


Love is want!  It isn’t need.  Love is a choice, but it doesn’t feel like it.  Love is intoxicating.  It is ecstasy!  It looks at you and knows who you are without you saying a word.  It understands where you come from, where you have been.  It knows your greatest deeds, and darkest sins.  Love is a person you connect with more than anyone else on this planet.  It is your peace and your comfort.  Love just gets it.  It is there for you always and is interwoven into everything around you.  It becomes your being.  You existed without it, but now you are more present than ever before.  You glow and you smile and giggle, simply because you are alive.  Living life to the fullest is no longer a saying, but a way of life for you.  Everything changes, and you become more grateful and more understanding.  You become more patient.


There are many illusions of love and if you have ever experienced it you know what I mean.  Once you have had a taste you can never fake it.  If it isn’t right with someone you won’t be able to force it.  You won’t be able to fake it not without losing yourself.  You won’t be truly who you are.  Not to your best ability.  True love and a true connection are strong.  They are bonded so tightly together.  The withdrawal from love is worse than that of the purest opiate.  A heartache from losing the one you love will impair your physical functioning.  You will make mistakes with things you have never messed up once in your entire life.


Finding true love is challenging but waiting for it is even worse.  Sure I suppose some will tell you they never think about it, or simply don’t care, but is that true?  Is that really the case or have they just lost that belief and that feeling.  Maybe they just become sold cold, so broken and scarred from one’s that came before.  Maybe they just cannot face rejection again or fail to be conscious of the fact that their past experiences still haunt them.


Other people might be forever hopeful.  Some just cannot give up.  It isn’t in them to surrender the one dream their heart needs to come true.  They keep fighting and keep trying because it is in their soul.  They are lovers and nothing will ever change that.  No pain, abandonment or suffering, will ever make them quit.  They know love is real, and wait patiently until they find it.  Many already have it, and maybe they don’t even realize it.  Many know what they have, and know how lucky they truly are.  Wherever you fall, whoever you fall for, just know what is meant to be will be.  If you choose to believe and to fight every day until your dying breath you can find what you are looking for.  Love is apart of this universe.  It is a power source and a life force.  It cannot be taken, for it is something that is given.  For those who give to each other, they never have to take for themselves.  True love is selfless and it is easy because at the end of the day no matter what, the right love, it always finds its way back home.

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