Growing yourself so that you start knowing yourself

“My struggles do not bind me”

Wanting to be different in a positive way and wanting to create positive change and growth is wonderful!  If you are someone that wants that or something dangerously similar then good!  You are aware!  You are someone that wants something more out of life and you are aware and conscious of where you are at, and aware that there are different possibilities out there.  Right now you are probably just searching for what that thing is.  That is the first step.  It’s asking yourself what do you want and what can you change.  Where am I now, and where can I go, those thoughts start the process and get the wheels turning.


Growing who you are helps you to figure out who you are.  People that know who they are deep down in the depths of their soul know what they want.  Because they know what they want they know if they have it or not.  If they don’t have it they know they have to find it, and get it.  In order to do that, they know they need to search, learn, and understand more clearly their goals and objectives.  They begin fueling their hearts, and their minds in order to create a mental and visual map of where they want to be, versus where they currently are.  As they start doing these things more and more they become more sure of themselves and remember what they stand for.  They have no doubt who they are and what and who they want out of life.  They don’t settle.  Their vision is simply too clear!

“We can all feel out of place sometimes or that we don’t quite fit in”

Those who don’t know who they are struggle to grow.  However, those who don’t know who they are can still strive and want to grow and change.  They can by random chance or circumstance become more aware, or something deep within them can know what they want and they can start growing that something, until it starts becoming who they are.  Many people that want change either have that fight in them and that frustration that is more than their fear, or they have fear overwhelm them and cripple that voice that is trying to guide them.  Some fall in the middle.


Whatever your circumstance or your life events, you can choose to grow and change.  You can start by simply imagining what you want.  Your imagination can begin by asking yourself basic questions about what you would like to change in your life.  What don’t you like?  It can be as simple as the paint color on your wall that you can’t stand or don’t prefer over another, or it can be getting out of bed instead of laying their forever.  Everyone fights different battles but making changes can start small and with constancy over time, can become something much greater!  You can change everything by choosing to start with changing one thing!  You chose to read this.  What are you going to “choose” do next?




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