Choices dictate your life and your path

“Roll the dice and see how lucky you really are”

We all wonder which way we are headed and if there is a proper way of doing this thing called life.  We look to the stars, horoscopes, friends and professionals, but do we ever find any answers?  Everyone wants a clear definitive road map to life but the truth is there really isn’t one.

Do I believe in the law of attraction?  Sure!  Do I believe in random luck?  Absolutely.  Do I think the universe and ourselves are all connected?  Why yes of course.  Do I believe in God?  Well come on now, I’m not cynical.  Of course I do!  I wouldn’t be much of a Christian now if I didn’t.  So what do I believe in, or more importantly what do I think works?


With all of those things being said I believe our intuition and knowledge is our guide.  I believe a lot of our faith in anything comes from our belief, our perception, and our general understanding of this world.  Everyone is different because everyone comes from different backgrounds, and experiences different kinds of life.  To some people, life is a struggle everyday but they choose to see the light, for others life is a blessing every day, but they choose focus on the darkness.


Choices we make can be scary but they do not always have to be permanent.  We can learn and adapt, and be cautious enough not to dig ourselves a never ending hole.  We can try things, take risks, and they don’t have to kill us or etch the rest of our lives into stone.  The beauty of life is that it is so malleable.  You can change it, squeeze it, shape it, run from it, embrace it, whatever your little heart desires.  If you are smart enough and brave enough you can even make it everything you hoped it would be.


So what is my word of advice?  I’d say make life as easy as possible but never stop making it a challenge.  What do I mean by that?  What I mean is that test yourself by taking positive risks and push yourself to your own potential to find your limitations and your strengths.  This will help you to figure out who you are and what you are capable of.  You can always change your path based on your results.  You can learn!  You can also choose who you let in and keep around in your life.  You can also choose who to let go and who to keep out of your circle.  People and their own energies can make you or break you if you let them.  Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and visions, or at least people who are flexible enough to work with you, or respect your dreams and visions despite their own.  This should be mutual, much like how you are with your friends.  Building a network of positive and like minded people can help your goals and visions.  Surrounding yourself with the latter could make you stop believing in something you should never let go in the first place.


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