Does life ever feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel?

“Can I get a little variety please?”

Groundhog day again is it?  I’m thinking that it is the seventh time this week but hey, who’s keeping track?  Getting up in the morning or going in at night gets a little boring when it is the same thing day in and day out.  Life although beautiful gets filled with the monotonous work shifts, schedules, appointments and repetition.  Sometimes it gets dull.  Relationships get “consistent” or stale, people question and overthink, it just can become a mess.  So how do you get off the wheel?  Well for starters, stop running!

“Ah life is like a pattern, but should it be?”

Problems don’t tend to change when you don’t do a damn thing about them.  Yes pardon my language, but being blunt might help things sink in a bit.  Are you still listening?  The problem with our lives is that we keep going without fighting for change.  We just let life start running us when we were the one’s getting on the treadmill in the first place to try and lose a couple extra pounds.  Are you still with me?  Good.


I’m writing this because I’m fighting like hell for my own happiness.  I have to go to work tomorrow again and not much feels like it has changed.  Its funny we start out picking a job and being excited for change, then feeling trapped as if the job we signed up for was really a front for a maximum security prison.  Are you choking on the irony yet?  I know I am.

“I thought this was just kind of cute to be honest”

Alright I know you all are waiting for the kicker.  I wouldn’t be much of a believer if I didn’t have a bright side for you.  The truth is and you have heard it time and time again, is the fact that you have to make it happen!  You literally have to either be patient and wait on some prospects you are supposed to hear back from, or you need to start trying something.  If you have to research jobs every day, make some calls to some people who might be able to help, walk around your favorite business or store to get closer to your dream, do it!


The law of attraction is supposed to represent a form of energy.  We are supposed to attract who and what we are.  Scary thought I know!  If you like myself have looked in the mirror recently you know what its like to sometimes say, “what the hell happened?”  We are capable though of attracting what we want as well as all good things!


In order to create the change you need you might have to make subtle changes and perfect what you already have to work with, or completely scrap the plan and start from a really different perspective.  You might very well have to step out of your comfort zone and change your networks and company.  Some people and things are so toxic they will almost kill you in the long run.  Don’t throw your life away or risk your own happiness on people that just don’t deserve your time and effort.


With all of that being said please just stay positive.  I’m rooting for you.  I’m fighting the battle too!  We all have a version of the person we see ourselves becoming.  We all have dreams and visions that are pulling at us.  That is the universe trying to show you the door you need to start prying open. On the other end of that door, well, that’s everything you’ve been searching for!

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