Keep busy and get out of your own head. Find ways to be happy!


Keeping busy is a great way to be healthy.  Physically staying busy with working out or moving around in general is great, but it isn’t the only way to stay positive and to keep away from depressing or anxious thoughts.  In fact, there are other ways that might even be easier than that.  A lot of us have things that we enjoy doing that make us very happy and content with our lives in the moment.  So why aren’t we happy all of the time?


The problem is that some of the things we enjoy doing to keep busy are seasonal.  A lot of fun things unfortunately require nice weather if you are into being outdoors.  If you like outdoor hobbies then summer is probably the main time where you can jam in all of the things you love before winter hits again.  If you live in say California or Florida where there is pretty decent weather all year around, then you might not have this problem.  Nonetheless, keeping busy can sometimes just be challenging.  Even worse we are so busy with what we have to do we seldom make time for the little things we want to do.  The things that count and keep us happy we get away from.


We are so good at being told what to do or do what society makes us do.  For example most of us “have” to work because we “have” to pay bills.  That is life isn’t it?  Though there is so much more to life than work we get caught up in our busy lives and some of us don’t even take vacations anymore.  At best some people if they are taking vacation get one maybe two weeks out of the year?  Doesn’t really make sense does it?  If this upsets you to think about and bring to the forefront of your attention then good.  I’m pissed too and thats okay!  Remember I created the blog to inspire anyways and to get people thinking.  So what can we do in the mean time?


For one, just stay optimistic.  Be that happy person people can’t stand simply because you choose to be.  It can bring you luck by being positive and if you want to make changes in your own life you are going to need positivity, trust me!  It keeps you alive and going!  If you are still trying to make change start doing all of the things that you enjoy.  Find ways to make time to tinker in the garage, or clean out the shed or basement.  You don’t have to wait until spring in order to do some spring cleaning.  Start a craft or if you are someone into cosmetics, play and practice with different kinds of makeup or your own hair!  Open that kit you have buried in the basement because you are too afraid to try.  Have fun!  My point is whatever makes you feel good or accomplished, do it!  Get some things done and feel better about yourself and life.  Try new things you have been wanting to learn.  This will keep you moving forward and most importantly keep you grateful.

“Start with baby steps”

Creating big change is scary and overwhelming.  Although I’m not saying to not do it if you are capable of it, I highly recommend baby steps if you are prone to failure.  Failure is a good thing mind you, but if you want to progress sometimes slow and steady still wins the race even in 2018.  Building consistency through small steps and actions allows you to test the waters without drowning.  Learn the ropes a bit on your new ventures so that way you don’t put too much pressure on yourself and give up after your first failure.


If you can do group activities more often do it!  If you are able to do more group activities with people that have strong meaning in your life even better!  Group activities allow you to connect with other people and enjoy the social aspect of life.  Sometimes the reason a lot of us our down and out is because we feel alone.  Maybe our friends are just too busy anymore.  Maybe some have gotten into relationships or are married and you are left kind of hanging.  Whatever it is feeling lonely sucks and trying to reconnect with old friends or friends that are just busy I’d say is well worth it.  Being happy is your goal and fighting for who and what you want out of life is just important plain and simple.

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