There is just something about cars…


Cars are a passion that cannot always be explained to everyone.  If you are a car person you just get it.  People wonder why we drool over certain cars, or get a tingle in our spines when a certain car drives by, and the exhaust has its own specific growl.  Some cars hiss with turbos and blow off valves, others wine with superchargers and pulleys, and some flat out scream with good old naturally asperated horsepower, in some American muscle.


Cars are expensive but so is dating.  The choice is up to you!  Cars can cost a lot but they are worth it to the enthusiast.  The beautiful lines and curves, the speed and handling through corners, or just the ability to melt a brand new set of tires and just get sideways are enough reasons to empty your bank account.


Cars have their own identity.  They have character and persona.  Cars evoke their own set lustful and seductive desires within us.  The right car says something.  The right stance and wheels are no different than a gorgeous woman in a tight dress and heels.  You already know your next move when you see her.  Cars are ladies.  They deserve respect and the person that ins’t afraid to go the extra mile, and spend a little more money simply because their worth it.


Whether its an import, muscle car, or exotic, cars are personal to us.  They have meaning and are like family.  They bring joy through experiences and memories.  Cars motivate the enthusiast to work hard and to earn them.  A lot of car folk are very hard working.  They have to save for what they truly want.  They have to earn it.  A lot of car people sacrifice for their hobby and passion.  Some people  would rather have a nicer car and a smaller home.  Everyone is different and thats the beauty of it.  For those of you out there who know what I’m talking about, have fun and try and stay out of trouble.  Enjoy the open road and see where it leads you.  Maybe me and my baby girl will one day cross your path.  Until then, drive free, and believe!

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