Life gets complicated sometimes but you just have to roll with it

Life is filled with many wonders but it can also hit pretty hard.  Life can be stressful even if the things weighing on you are simple.  They can feel heavy.  Life work, school, relationships, depression, you name it, a lot can add up.  Many try to just live life the best they can and to the fullest but most of us are just stumbling blindly.  We don’t have all of the answers but we do have some time.  So how can we worry less and enjoy more?

For one, having goals to work on helps a lot.  Being able to rationalize the pressure we place upon ourselves helps.  Now you shouldn’t do this constantly  to where you are never getting anything done or acting on plans, but it can help to relieve too much pressure.  If you are someone hardworking its ok to take a break.  Life is so short and too much stress and anxiety is just unhealthy.

I mentioned making lists before.  Lists help to take thoughts out of your head and allow you to map everything out.  Laying it all on the table “literally”, puts your mind at ease.  You won’t have to remember your ideas or chores if you have them on paper.  It is less to think about and less to worry about forgetting.  Take the worry out of it!


One thing you can do when it comes to challenges is the idea of attacking them versus letting them build up.  I for example, am an exceptional procrastinator.  Yes I should actually get a medal for it as well as a podium speech.  I struggle a lot to get things done myself!  I know though that putting things off that I am capable of doing is only adding more to the plate.  If we can tackle the things that are in our control, then we can feel accomplished and at the same time reduce our to-do list.  If everything in your control you have acted on, then everything else that is truly out of your control is a matter of faith and hoping for the best.


Any moment where you can smile take it.  If you are having a good day or just a good moment in your day, take it.  It is fine to be happy and carefree for a minute.  It is very healthy.  These moments are what keep us alive and keep us going.  They are moments we can not only have at random, but learn to create for ourselves whenever we want to.  You can always find a bright side to a situation no matter what.  It all comes down to how you want to spin it.  Even a horrible day can turn into something to laugh about, and later on a story to tell.  If you made it through you might even find some praise from people who aren’t as strong as you are.


How you handle your life can set a great example.  Even if the world is on fire in your life you can choose how you respond to it.  People really respect that.  I’m not saying to have to hide everything or lie about it, but you can choose how you let it affect your mood.  You might be someone who’s mood impacts that of those around you.  If you are a leader even if you are unaware of it, try and stay positive.  You can turn your bad into someone else’s good day.  You can always make time to reflect on the problem later especially if at the moment you cannot really do anything about it.


Enjoy the moment and take it for what it is.  Life is random and that is the beauty of it.  Sometimes things will really go your way and other times things will work against you.  If you remain positive and do your best to keep the good in your life and reduce the bad, then you can make like better and easier.  Be optimistic and make the changes that you want and need.  Life is up to you.  Live it the way you want to and be happy the way you need to!

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