Change is necessary for growth


Change is necessary for growth and development.  Positive change is a part of growing up and a part of life.  Ever since we were young we have constantly been changing.  Physically we get taller and learn to walk.  We learn to speak and understand boundaries.  We learn how to work with an authoritative figure and seek direction, and insight.  We learn so many things so quickly and although not conscious of it, we simply know it is what we need to do to grow!


What helps us to change is a dynamic environment.  Introducing ourselves to constant stimuli is what allows us to become creative in our learning.  We activate all of our senses by trying different things.  Just think about how powerful the sense of smell is.  I’m certain you can smell something even today and it will take you right back to a childhood memory.  Information is stored within our brains and we develop better the more we explore.


When we are young as I mentioned we change a lot.  I believe they say it is within the first five years of our lives or so that we learn the most in our entire lives.  We learn to function.  The problem I think is that with society we go from learning randomly with what stimulates us, to fitting into a societal educational system.  Although a lot of information from this is necessary to grow with society, it can be limiting.  We learned and explored on our own naturally.  We went towards what we were drawn to and it guided us.  Learning wasn’t forced.  It was sought out intentionally!


Individuals have specific needs.  Despite commonalities we all possess our own seeds for growth.  The seeds need to be watered differently compared to others.  A certain type of water might not grow the seeds to their potential.  They may even become impaired in some ways.  I had a conversation with a woman I have been dating recently.  She is a single mom to a beautiful new baby girl.  She seems to be doing very well and adapting to the needs of her child, as well as her child’s development and well being.


On our first date we were talking about this very subject regarding child development.  She was telling me how she was reading somewhere about how at such a young age we have societal roles placed upon us as children.  She said she read that as young kids we follow adults and learn roles including gender roles from the very beginning.  Even the toys we play with as she explained, are gender rendered.  The interesting point here is that we from day one are predisposed to certain cultural and societal norms that aren’t necessarily good for development.


Although we have jobs and obligations we do possess many freedoms.  We have to fight for them and work hard, but they can be utilized to reach the utmost state of growth.  We can change schools, change jobs, move to new places, and do whatever we need for ourselves.  Before getting bogged down with a bunch of responsibilities explore as much as possible and find yourself.  Even after having kids, or a house, or any other responsibilities you can still make time and effort to grow and find your way.  Life has a lot to offer if we continue to make the most of it.


If you want to grow get back to learning like a child.  Yes I said it, learn like a child!  Children are smart and usually blunt.  They know what they want or want to do with their time, and their dreams are beautiful!  Children dream big and have pure hearts.  They aren’t conditioned yet by the modern work world.  I feel if you take the vision of a child and combine it with the knowledge, resources, and independence of an adult, that is your ticket to greatness!  I think those that we know that have the so called “dream jobs” do just that.  They fight and hold onto their vision and their dream.  If one dream doesn’t work out, then find another!  I can assure you regret is something no one should have to suffer.

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