Monday morning comes pretty quick

“Back in the day we used to read these things called newspapers!”

Its 4:53AM and I have to be at work shortly.  Monday is back and it is the start of the new week.  The holiday was yesterday which was nice but now it is time to get back to it.  Some dread the beginning of the week because it seems the be the hardest.  Coming back from the weekend and taking a couple days to heal just never seems like its enough.

Ahhhh…..fresh morning dew

Summer is almost here but spring is still leaving behind a little snow in some parts.  From looking outside the roads seem clear which is the first good sign.  The commute tends to go a lot better when all conditions are well and traffic isn’t too bad.  For any of you commuting to a major city especially from a suburb, I want to just wish you good luck with the traffic.  That is something I think many can do without.  I can’t wait until every morning looks like this fresh grass.  There is something about the dew that sort of amplifies everything around it.  That is probably because I’m sick of the snow.  For those who never have to worry about bad weather well, you just keep enjoying it.

“Heaven in a cup”

A little coffee in the morning goes a long way.  It wakes you up and helps to get you moving and planning.  Certain routines or lifestyles involve waking up slowly and eating breakfast or showering. Others consist of wiping your eyes and throwing clothes on before sprinting out the front door.  Whichever side you tend to fall on either way, its still Monday for everyone.  I recommend trying to get up so you have enough time to function.  I also understand falling into the bad habit of wanting to sleep as much as possible.  By bad habit I mean one that usually starts your day off with more stress than you need by having to run late because you hit snooze too many times.  Oh don’t worry I’m a proud member of that team.  I’m just recently changing my habits to be more productive.  It is a work in progress believe me!


You ever wonder how fast your car can go?  Probably not because if you are running late most often than you already know its top speed.  Risking getting speeding tickets and potentially endangering local people as well as wildlife may be the norm for you.  Running behind and having to step on the gas to get to work is a horrible feeling.  Anyone who drives a sports car or who likes to drive fast anyways, might actually enjoy running late.  The general public though usually hates it.

If you can avoid this by getting up on time and planning for delays, than you will save yourself and innocent bystanders a lot of greif.  Remember time is precious and the week can go by quick.  Try and make the most of your Monday and the most of your week.  Best of luck!

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