Easter Sunday is best spent with family and friends


Sunday is the day of rest for most, but Easter Sunday holds a special value when it comes to the tradition and family.  Getting together to spend time with one another and visit with those that matter to us, is a special time.  Life gets pretty hectic and taking time to slow down and appreciate what counts is important.  Easter is a nice way to visit loved ones and people you just haven’t seen in a while.


Taking time away from our busy work schedules and agendas is absolutely necessary.  Working forty hours a week or more and juggling anything else can be exhausting.  You have worked hard and earned some quality time to enjoy great food and fun with people you love and care about.  Whether it is with immediate family or some close neighbors, or co-workers, quality time is perfect on a Sunday.


Coloring Easter eggs with the kids and just being outdoors during spring just feels right.  Summer is close and getting away from winter and cold weather allows you to reset and smile.  Being at peace helps to reset your mind and body and to become in tune with your spiritual side, and connect with the universe.  Being at peace is so refreshing.  Being able to melt away all stress and frustration and be truly happy is worth everything!


Today this blog will be shorter than others.  I don’t want to force anything.  I just want everyone to focus on the moment and appreciate the people that are there.  Just live in the moment and be happy for no reason at all.  Just be happy and enjoy that for what it is.  Stay hopeful and positive and plan on what you want but be grateful for what you already have.

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