Find confidence for your future by remembering what you have already done

Life is short and focusing on the future too much can eliminate the present.  If you eliminate the present then you probably won’t exist.  People beat themselves up all the time because they want what is best.  They want to push themselves and achieve their dreams and goals. People however can also get so frustrated when things don’t happen immediately.  It is so easy to get caught up in the search itself that the journey becomes something in the way versus something necessary.  Remembering what you have already achieved can teach you to appreciate the life you have, versus focusing only on the life that you want.

We all have done something to be proud of.  Even if they are small we all have some accomplishments.  We have something to be grateful for.  If we think back far enough and dig deep within ourselves, we can find something.  Even if you just decided one day to help someone else like a family member or a friend, that itself is something to be proud of.

“I got your six Mom!”

If you work everyday you probably work hard.  Be proud of that.  If you raise a family and do your best to provide for them, you can be proud of that too. If you have graduated college, high school, or finished a trade program or apprenticeship you can be proud.  If you held the door for someone or survived an illness you can be proud of that.  You can show appreciation for anything! You can wake up and tell yourself you got up today.  Even if it was really hard and say you didn’t want to go to work. You still got out of bed and you went. For someone going though something that can be very hard to do.

There is nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you can get better.  There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life and questioning the present to make sure you are getting what you want.  You deserve to be happy and want positive change.  You also deserve to enjoy the process along the way because most of life is living in the now.

If you want to change something in your life you very well can.  If you do not know how yet there is still time.  You do not have to give up completely, just do not let yourself get upset to the point that you are ruined or miserable.  You cannot accomplish your challenges and achieve your goals if you are so down and out that you cannot function.  You have to find a way to fight through the tough times so you are alive and well enough to enjoy the good times. If it’s too hard to function then maybe it is time to get some help. There is nothing wrong with needing help from others or even professionals.

Some people even those you really look up to might tell you to just suck it up. Unfortunately that is just how some people were taught. Don’t take it personally if you are struggling with something. Know that to you it feels real and that you have to get through it your own way sometimes, and at your own pace. For some situations, others you know might be right. Maybe you are over thinking it. Follow your heart and see where it leads. Most of the time you can always find a bright side. If not know that there is more to life at any given moment. You just have to fight for the good times, and get stronger through the bad.

Remember you have done a lot of great things in life. If you feel you haven’t, well now is the time to start. Now is the time to make changes. Set some goals and map out the things that are important. Focus on the good and start building the life you want for yourself. The sky is the limit! Surround yourself with good people and good choices. You will find things can change for the better rather quickly!

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