Managing time around your goals and your life

Time is very limited each day.  It fills up quickly with work at eight hours or more, grocery shopping, driving, picking up kids, and so on.  Time is precious and making the most of it is the key to a happy and successful life.  We can feel that there isn’t enough time in the day but what we don’t realize is that we can make more than we think.  We can better utilize the resources at hand.  We just have to be creative but more importantly, we must be efficient.


So how can we start becoming more efficient with our time?  For one, start planning.  Our day although usually monotenous during  the week, can be scheduled to help us.  We usually have a scheduled life to begin with without our choosing,  so its time to start taking control.  If life is going to be busy lets start making the busy day the way we want it.  Some things are going to fill up your day regardless so you have to find how to one, make them more enjoyable, and two make them work more for you.


One thing I know that would work but I struggle to execute, is a consistent sleep-wake schedule.  If I were to go to bed at a certain time seven days a week I know I would feel amazing!  Having that consistency allows for our body to achieve a proper circadian rhythm which will allow for more energy and focus.  It sounds simplistic I know but its highly effective.  Some of the most productive people have a set sleep schedule.  You combine that with a decent diet and enough water and I’m sure you will notice a tremendous difference.  Of course don’t forget your breakfast!  Unless you are intentionally fasting, a healthy breakfast is a great way to boost your energy.


So now that you are sleeping better and drinking more water, you now have more energy and focus.  So what’s next?  The next thing I recommend is allowing yourself enough time in the morning to plan.  This means getting up early enough not only to wake up, and start functioning, but also to have time to sit and make up a list.  Start your day off right with at the very least, a plan!  Making a rough outline of your day will help take the mental fatigue away from having to try and remember everything.  Take as much thinking out of the day as you can on the simple things and allow your brain time and energy for the deeper and more important thoughts.

So lets recap!  You are sleeping more consistently which allows you to get up on time and early.  You are not rushing for you have made enough time for your day.  After a hot shower you make a list for the day.  You know what you need and want to accomplish so your mind can relax.  You have time to eat so you won’t have to focus later on how hungry you are.  You know what you need to do now you just have to execute it.  As you execute your daily tasks any time in between is all yours!  You can think what you want, relax, add something to your day, or do whatever you please!  You are more efficient now.  You are in control of your day.  You control the chaos!  It feels good doesn’t it?


The best part about being more efficient and planning your day is that you now can have time for error.  As we know the day always changes and seldom goes as planned.  For those that have children the daily grind can be a challenge.  Kids and life can be unpredictable.  Thats alright though, you can respond and adapt.  You can handle it.  Even if some of the things on your list need to wait, you at least know what needs to be done, and where you can sacrifice.  You might not get everything done but you can replace the less urgent things on your list, with the new and unexpected problem you are facing.  Even if it is multiple things you can always start fresh another day.


Life is going to be busy and making the most of it is going to be a challenge.  If you don’t fight for the life you want each and every day it might not ever happen.  Work, family, responsibilities are always going to be there.  What you do with the time in between is going to decide your future.  How you make the most of it is what will count in the long run.  Give yourself your best.  Chances are you probably give a lot to everyone and everything else.  Treat yourself the way you need to by managing your time.  When you are performing at your very best, you can give everyone around you your very best.  Remember time is ticking, so what are you waiting for?

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