Your purpose is within you. Your heart will guide you. Listen to it!

Were you ever looking for a call to action?  Did you want more out of life but didn’t know how to obtain it?  There are so many tempting things that draw are attention and so many things that keep us wanting more.  So many things just don’t quench our thirst.  When we indulge it feels good at the moment but then afterwards the feeling is gone.  You are left dissatisfied.  You know you need something forever lasting but what could it be?

You need a purpose!  You need to contribute to something other than yourself.  You need to be apart of a group or community.  You need to be interwoven into an affiliation or focus group.  You need to be apart of a family and build bonds and friendships.  You need to be human!  You need to be social!  You need other people.

There are a lot of groups and organizations in existence and therefore we must choose carefully.  Some people in this world as we know are very good while others are very bad.  Some preach joy and love while others spew anger and hatred.  Some people create unity while others create division.  It can be hard to choose what is right and what is wrong.

So what do “we” need to do to get this done?

No matter how strong the desire or how challenging the temptation, we must do good!  As humans we are apart of a world and universe.  We as people are all connected which is why we share a lot of commonalities.  We may have different cultures or languages, but at the core we are all people.  We owe it to ourselves, each other, and the world to reach our potential.  We are capable of peace and humility.  We are capable of understanding and learning.  We have evolved and grown, and can continue with purpose.  We can lead each eachother into a future of righteousness.

“I’m in if you are!”

The world will throw challenges and negative things at you often.  It is up to you to choose how you respond and how you let it affect your life.  Our energies can transfer from one event to another, but also from one person to another.  If someone is having a bad day, without a lot of impulse control that person can spread their bad day with everyone else.  Someone can get cut off on the highway and then go scream at a co-worker.  We all have experienced this and most of us have even done this!  We all make mistakes but we must learn from them.  We don’t ever want to hurt the people we love and care about or anyone else.  Some people have it a lot harder than we do and no one wants to push someone to their breaking point.


Just as negative or positive energy can be given it can also be received or absorbed.  Strong people can take it upon themselves to absorb negative energy in order to stop it from spreading.  Some can do so without letting it affect them at all.  This is how the cycle can be broken.  Same can be said for positive energy.  When someone pays you a compliment, its fine for you to absorb it and let it make you happy.  You don’t have to dismiss it or yourself because you feel like you don’t deserve it, or are simply not used to it.  Remember everything can be learned.  If you struggle to give compliments or receive them, you can learn how!  You are capable of change.

“We’re Millennials!” I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.  A bit of humor never hurt right?

If you want to serve a purpose you can most certainly find it.  It doesn’t take much.  Simply asking someone how they are doing or if they are okay can be important.  If you want to try and make a positive change then just work on it.  If you want it bad enough you can take small steps and build consistency.  You can grow over time and work with others to make a greater difference.  You can find what you enjoy and can live with.  You don’t have to settle.  You just have to keep searching until you find what it is you need.  You just have to believe!

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