Seasonal depression can get the best of us but summer and warm weather are just around the corner.

Being an Ohio resident I get to have the pleasure of experiencing multiple seasons. It’s great because time shifts and changes.  Memories are often times associated with certain seasons.  The smells, colors, and temperatures bring a lot of memories back and also provoke a lot of feelings and emotions. For instance when I think of summer I think of walking barefoot in crisp green grass after a long day of work. Ah that feeling is so soothing and like no other!


Winter is almost over and as usual throughout the month of March, it likes to hang on for dear life. Some days are sunny and warm, others are cold and rainy, and some are flat out snow storms and blizzards. Ohio I would say is very dynamic. You really never know what you are going to get when it comes to the weather.  Getting dressed in the morning to start the day is kind of a challenge at the very least.


Things to look forward to. For starters, less depression if you are on the more sensitive side. I’m currently raising my hand. Warm weather and longer days will be the norm. Yes days where after work or school you still have light to work with to do non slave-like activities. Did you catch the sarcasm there? Nope? Maybe next time.


Cookouts and pool parties will be the norm. Family get togethers and vacations will be planned. Concerts and weddings will be every other weekend. So much will be available to keep you busy that you won’t even have time to complain! In a sense you are free! Yes, finally free!

If you are looking to change it up then try something new!  If you have some ideas you have been toying with over the last couple years or months then give them a try!  It always feels good exploring something new.  It stimulates you!  It can get the adrenaline going and make you feel alive again!  Let your spirit and heart catch fire!  Enjoy your doing you because its summer time!

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