Spring cleaning. Making the most of your time. It’s almost summer!

The best part about spring and summer is more daylight.  If you live in a place where the seasons change you know how precious spring and summer can be.  With longer days you have more light and time to work with.  You can get more done, but also have more to do in regards to household chores like cutting grass, gardening, or other yard work.  It is a happy time because the sun is out and the air is warm.  You feel better and life isn’t so harsh.  Its fast but its fun.pexels-photo-799869.jpeg

Patios open up and everyone starts to get out more.  The newly singles magically awake from their heart breaks and put on their best looks.  New clothes, cars, and plans take over your schedule enough to fill the whole calendar.  Concerts, vacations, parties, cookouts, festivals, you name it, something is always going on.  New restaurants and bars open up sharing their food, drinks, and atmosphere perfect for family dinners and exciting new dates.  Everything just seems more interesting and energized.  Even work doesn’t seem so bad when its summer time.


Along with having fun and letting loose spring and summer are a great time to get things done.  You have more light to work with and more energy in general.  Things you have been wanting to start or continue now can have your full attention.  You want to start a business? Perfect.  You want to clean out the garage or detail that car you love so much? Now you can.  You want to build that patio bar or get started on that man cave? Now is the perfect time. You want to make more time for your children? Its your time.

Spring is when the flowers bloom but summer is where the buzz is.  Aside from beer, liquor, possibly some good memories and bad decisions, people are just happy!  Even if you are just sitting in the grass watching cars pass after work and not having to freeze while holding a lantern, life seems pretty good.  Its a good reminder of the simple things.  You remember why it is ok to just exist and live in the moment.  You can feel free and let time sort of slip away.  Worse comes to worse there is always tomorrow.  It feels like there is always time.


Setting goals is always a great way to make the most out of the new year and the new season.  Making a list of the things you want to try and accomplish is a good way to narrow down what truly matters in your life.  What you want and need while you still have time looks a lot clearer on a list.  With the list in place and checking it every day, it is a reminder of the fact that you set out to do something.  It helps to hold yourself responsible and if you have mentioned it to anyone else, chances are they are going to start checking up on you.  Its a great way to be held accountable which makes you feel more pressured to do it.  Call it a little motivation.postit-scrabble-to-do.jpg

Life is short.  A lot of us figure it out when we are much older and are able to see things from a different perspective.  If you have ever spoken to someone older than you they usually will tell you a similar story or give a certain kind of advice.  There is always someone reminding us of house precious life is and how fast it goes.  So many are able to tell us what they wish they would have done differently.  A lot probably would say don’t be afraid, just try it.  It’s not as scary as it seems.  Once you do it and have some faith you will realize what you are missing.  Thats how I felt when I created this.  Now I’m like thank God I did it sooner than later.  Don’t wait to try the things you want to in life or to take some risks.  If they will better your life then you owe it to yourself.  Life is about habits.  Once you form the habit of trying and learning, it becomes a way of life.  Once you get used to trying and making mistakes, you actually get better at doing both!  You can learn from the mistakes and grow in the process.  What do you have to lose from trying?  What do you have to lose from learning?


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