What we work for can be challenging but what we deserve is always worth it

Figuring out what to do with your life can be a challenge.  I know it can easily get filled up with responsibilities and societal “to do’s”, but taking a good hard look at the bigger picture is probably the most challenging yet necessary part.  We can get so bogged down with work, school, or families that life itself can become a matter of “steps”, versus a journey. Initially we choose to map everything out in order to get to where we want to go in the first place.  Its like planning a tour on a trip.  I mean isn’t the idea in the first place to get to where you want to go?  Aren’t you supposed to get to see all the stops?  So why do most of us end up stuck at just one?  What happened to the plan, and the excitement and exploration that went along with it?  What happened to us?


Many people are trying to do the best they can to set themselves up for success.  When I think of growing up the first thing I think of is independence.  Society seems to praise independence as the first step to adulthood.  If you can be responsible and take care of yourself you got it made.  At least thats what we are lead to believe.  I feel most choose either a trade or some sort of job or labor initially, and others choose formal education.  They either focus on that full time, or work odd jobs while taking courses.  We have these tracks or boxes that are supposed to blueprint our lives.  Some take the entrepreneurial route young, either as a bold move on their own, or having it stem from some sort of family background or upbringing.  To me it seems sort of rare to the latter.  Either way most pick their tracks and start getting to it right away.


For college students or adults in general, time can be on their side more so than say a decade ago.  Nowadays people understand that the cost of living is growing and it isn’t always the best choice financially to try and leap into complete independence.  Its a struggle for more citizens to manifest their American Dream than it used to be.  A lot of people usually work for someone else more often at a formal company than they do for themselves as far as small business.  Its starting to change again with technology and online home businesses but what I guess I’m saying is that majority of the people I know, work for someone else.  They are in either a trade or they went to school and work somewhere now in their field or at a job requiring a degree.


Many people struggle to live the lives that they want.  Like I said it can be expensive.  The choice seems like people either find a way to make more money, or downsize a lot and live with the bare essentials.  Some people do that and live just fine.  Others tend to be drawn to the societal prestige and want a newer more expensive car, large home, and multiple children.  Again this fluxates depending on the generation itself.  A lot of people are choosing to wait to have children later on in life or not at all.  Some utilize credit to be able to afford the things they want even if its a little out of their means.


The challenging part is trying to get what we want without sacrificing too much.  Some people want things but end up giving up on their belief.  The reason I created this blog is because I wanted to be able to share positive belief, and sort of the drive of successful people with everyone.  Not everyone thinks the same, or is exposed to the same types of information and opportunities.  People reading this could be some of the richest people in the country, or the poorest.  A lot are probably middle class like myself.  Whoever is reading this I want it to be able to give everyone the same chance to believe.  I want people to know its ok to dream big.  Its ok to fight for the dreams we once had as kids no matter how hard or cruel life gets.  No matter who tells us we can’t, or to stop dreaming, or give up, we can say no.  We can fight back.  For some reason it seems like millionaires started out with humble beginnings and continued to work very hard with a vision.  The key is to focus on something and to work smart and hard.  If you are working harder and not smarter than you will never get anywhere.  Maybe by dumb luck but its rare.

The hardest working people are the backbone of the world.  You ever notice though that a lot of them don’t get paid much?  Thats because thats not how the world works.  You don’t get paid based on how hard you work.  If that was the case majority of people would be doing pretty well for themselves.  The reality is that you have to be creative.  You have to find where the money is and how it can work for you.  For some it isn’t the money at all.  They find joy in what they do and the money and happiness manifests itself!  There has to be a balance but trust me when I say it can be done.  I mean where do the success stories come from?


If you are willing to work hard and do so with an honest heart than you deserve to be happy.  If you want to not only take care of yourself and family, but others and give back, than you probably deserve success and happiness.  It isn’t going to come for free though I hate to break it to you.  You will have to work hard, you will have to push yourself especially if most of your time is occupied by a nine to five and a family.  It can be done though.  What started this blog was me getting frustrated at work.  Being tired from work and school and not always giving my best because I just didn’t enjoy it.  I know they say “thats life”, but I choose not to believe it.  I know I can get what I truly want and deserve in time.  I have to be patient and work really hard but I know it can be done.  I believe!

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