Music can alter your mood and increase your energy. It can push you beyond your limits and take you places you never thought you could reach.

Music for some is something that they indulge in from time to time.  For others, its a complete way of life!  For those that are passionate about music there is so much that can be said about anything that pertains to the word itself.  Whether you are an artist and producer making music from scratch, or are a crazed fan making it to every concert you can afford a ticket for, you probably have some sort of connection to music.  No matter what genre it is you are into, something about the music itself pulls you in.  You might not even be able to explain it but something about it makes you feel like you cannot breath, let alone function without it.  So why do we love it so much?  How does it fuel us to keep going?pexels-photo-879358.jpeg

For some music is about the daily commute.  When you are not awake yet at 6:00AM and perhaps haven’t had your dose of caffeine from your local Starbucks, you might throw on some tunes to get you where you need to be. For most people its a good idea to try and start out on a positive note because you never know what the day will throw at you.  Some people love their work and every day seems like a good day no matter what.  On the opposite end employees may see things much differently.  Some people especially those involved in hard labor or highly stressful work environments, might dread the day before it even begins!  If you are like myself you might fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

When work isn’t the main focus you might experience music in an entirely different way.  You might use it just to make your present moment that much better.  You could be on your way to a party and excited to catch up with some friends, and let loose on a Friday!  You randomly start blasting music on the way their just to heighten the mood!  You are happy!  You made it through the week and now you feel like you don’t have a care in the world.  Don’t you just love that feeling?  I swear its priceless.  Combine that with some warm sunny weather and I feel you’ve reached heaven in that very moment.

Music for me anymore is like a drug.  Its highly addictive and I love it!  When it comes to working out I almost always have to have music.  I can do without but I usually don’t get the best out my workouts.  For me personally music started to grow in high school.  My senior year I changed schools and to my luck, the new school allowed students to listen to music in between classes.  I din’t know too many people so music was something I grew to love even more than before.  When I entered college music was a culture that surrounded the Cleveland campus.  At Cleveland State I would always see students wearing all kinds of headphones and just enjoying music whenever they had a chance.  I started to view it as a true culture!  It was really cool!pexels-photo-356065

When I started college a while back I met some friends and one friend in particular Marcin, or Martin, got me into electronic music.  He is still my best friend to this day.  I had heard a little bit hear and there but never really knew what it was.  Some other students were into it as well, and generations before me knew all about it.  There were so many sub genres involved that aside from hip hop which was sort of my roots,  I fell in love with it!  Dubstep in particular was a huge focus and just a really cool sound.  To give give some sort of time frame, I remember Skrillex was coming out with hits and one of the more popular artists at the time.pexels-photo-260352.jpeg

When I go to the gym as I mentioned before I pretty much have to have music.  I love listening to music when I workout, particularly dance music or electronic dance music (EDM).  The reason is for one, it has become apart of my music culture, but two, because there are so many sub genres that the possibilities seem endless!  I still listen to hip hop but mainly I will listen to Trap music, but not in the traditional sense.  Original Trap music for example is strictly hip hop based.  There are electronic versions of trap music that have become its own kind of separate genre.  There are still the same auditory elements as the original sound, such as horns, snare drums, hand claps, and a sort of a dark and eerie bass, just to name a few basic elements, but with more of a synthetic or electronic feel.  I like this a lot because like I mentioned earlier there are just so many possibilities to create sounds and form really creative music!pexels-photo-164745.jpeg

With working out if you are someone looking to move and get energized I highly recommend looking into electronic music specifically.  Even if you have a certain song or artist you like, chances are someone somewhere, has created a more up beat remix or edit of it.  This makes cardio and intensive workouts seem easy because of the energy coming from the music.  When I listen to certain songs the energy from the song literally fills my entire body and mind.  I feel almost invincible!  Sometimes when I do cardio on the treadmill I will put a song on and go into a very vivid daydream so I don’t feel the pain.  I will push myself further then I ever normally could because mentally, I’m in a different world.  Music combined with a creative imagination can really change the way you perform physically.  You almost seem to have a superpower and at times when you are lifting heavy weight, you feel like you have super strength.  The mind is so powerful!  Once you choose to believe that you can accomplish anything and remove mental limits, your potential starts to really come out in everything that you do!  The way you will look at the world will never be the same.

So check out some different music.  Try exploring different genres and becoming more diverse!  The beautiful part about music is that if a song is truly good, I feel all kinds of people can appreciate it.  If you like country, hip hop, pop, rock, whatever, there are usually remixes of most popular songs.  You may think you like a certain sound now, until you come across something else.  There are so many sounds out there now that something you just so happen to stumble across can literally give you chills!  To me that feeling is very much worth searching for.  So whats “your” next song going to be?

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