Rationalization. We do it but is it good or bad?

Every one of us has had a conflict or an issue that we had to rationalize.  Either a mistake we made, or a particular choice we had to live with.  Good or bad we rationalize things to cope or to be able to move on from certain experiences.  We make excuses sometimes just so we can kind of put things behind us.  It can be anywhere from why you ate a certain breakfast meal, to why to chose to walk away from your childhood friend.  Choices and rationalizations go hand in hand  and they tend to play out the way we shape our lives.

When we have certain priorities and responsibilities we can make better choices by weighing everything out.  We can say we have homework or chores, and have a reason why we need to do those first before going out.  We may have bills to pay, or obligations to meet that were set in place before a last minute concert or event came up.  We also have our reasons for why we date the people we do, why we are at the job we are, and even why maybe some of us really haven’t changed so much over the years.

Depending on how you view a certain situation or what certain things entail, you can choose to look and spin anything and everything in a certain way.  Some people are always optimistic while others are more pessimistic.  Some say they are optimists because it makes life easier while some might consider themselves pessimists simply because they like to know what the score is at the end of the day.  Whatever you choose you  probably have some sort of reason or rationalization as to why you do what you do and how you choose to do it.

So where might this get you into trouble you might ask?  Well a few things can come to mind personally.  For one say you are in a relationship and it has been going on for quite sometime.  Say it is toxic or severely abusive and you are still staying because you are fearful, or because you simply do not know how to get out.  Sometimes you might rationalize as to why you are still in it.  You might go, “well he or she has a really good job.”  “We have been together too long to just give up.”  “I have invested so much time in this and effort to throw it all away.”  Sound familiar?

If any of these things apply to you chances are you are not alone.  You are human and most of us make mistakes or poor choices in life in regards to the people and things we surround ourselves with.  It is ok though because you can still choose to make changes and to look at life in general much differently than before.  You can also choose to keep things the same and go about your life the way you did before.  Everything comes down to free will and choice.  No matter how difficult or easy the situation may present itself.

As far as good reasons you can be someone who is starting a diet.  Your friends invite you out for beer and wings and you politely tell them no thank you, I have a diet to stick to.  They might ask you why and you can tell them that it is because you want to look more toned for summer.  You may have a vacation you are planning on going on and it is one of the goals you have been planning to implement.  Most friends in this situation, especially if they are very supportive, would probably respect your choice considering its something important to you.

As I always say do what is best for you.  Sometimes certain things take time.  Sometimes you may need multiple opinions or advice from friends, family, or other more objective sources.  By all means do not beat yourself up over mistakes in life especially things you cannot change, or things that have already happened.  Just know there is a lot that can change and things might be a lot closer or easier than you think.

Have you ever been at a job for a really long time and felt imprisoned by it?  You started off years back all eager and excited for change and then all of a sudden you are like why haven’t I died yet?  I’ve been there and a lot of times and I asked myself what can I do?  Why is this so hard to figure out?  Other times I was like, ok be positive, you have a job so be grateful.  You are healthy and alive, you live in a free country etc.  Have you ever done that before?  Yeah I kind of thought so.  We all have at some point.

It can be challenging to create change or even just appreciate what you have and try and enjoy the process of life.  We are human though, I feel like its our nature to complain because that promotes questioning, which can lead to changes especially positive ones.  Sometimes however, it isn’t action thats necessary, but rather inaction.  Sometimes it is patience in the form of simply waiting and not settling.  You can keep the dreams and change alive while you are waiting for action which might be your best bet.  I’d say act now but you might just be having a rough day.  Some of you have found your true calling or passions.  Giving up on something you truly love might not be the best idea.  Some of you might be capable of a lot more, and just on the other end of a huge break through if only you took the leap!  Think things through and perhaps you might just find what you are looking for.

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