Cheers To The Night Owls.

You ever find yourself staying up late even when you have to get up early?  Are you thinking, planning, or just trying to be creative when you should probably rest because you had a long busy day?  Yeah me too.  Sometimes its like we can’t sleep.  We can’t just get into a routine schedule or rhythm because it just isn’t our nature.  Even when we do form a good habit of going to bed early to sleep well and get up on time, we never manage to stick with it.

Some say it might be that we are creative.  Our brains maybe are over stimulated at night, or more than others in general.  Maybe the night helps us to reflect and feel calm because it is peaceful.  If you are a parent maybe it is the only time you get some peace and time to think for yourself without any interruptions.  Whatever the reason is you choose to be up at night and it is probably who you have always been since you were a kid.  Even when you had your bed time you probably stayed up anyways against your parents best wishes because you just weren’t ready to turn off and stop moving.

This draft for instance is a second one because the first one that I had just finished got erased somehow.  Anyways I am really tired but I wanted to write and publish something tonight.  I wanted to write more often especially with starting the blog.  I want people to see and understand the mindset and thought processes at night in action.  I want people I guess to see and maybe understand me.  I want to understand me.  I simply just want to learn.  I guess I’m curious.

I like how at night creativity just seems to come.  Its like you are dreaming before you are asleep and the worlds you imagine or the futures you envsion seem exciting and so new!  You want the best for yourself so you imagine the very things you desire from the job you want, down to the person you want to love and end up with.

This particular post isn’t very long but I want you to think while you are awake. While you are still up and maybe searching for something, I want you to feel like you have some company.  I know you like to reflect alone much like myself but knowing what you are doing is normal sort of brings an extra layer of peace to the table.  Its like you belong to the night and you have earned its serenity.  You are special and are probably on to something in the near future.  Even if you aren’t searching you are apart of a different way of thinking and a different kind of people.  You are special and most likely very interesting.

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