Imagination Is What Keeps Us Going. It Starts With A Vision.

I have learned a lot in the last year or so, probably more in the last few months. I feel I’ve learned that I can be free. I can do whatever I want with my life. Suddenly anymore I believe more strongly than I think I ever have!

I know it sounds simple but believing for one is a great challenge, much less applying belief and turning it to action.  When you do though it feels amazing! Even writing this right now was something I didn’t expect in life. It is not what I had envisioned a few years ago. Now it all makes sense.

If you can find a way to peel back some of the things we have learned as far as our limitations, and begin to think and envision something deeper, everything can change. As adults we become very good at taking goals and dreams and filling the space between the dream and the end result. We become very good and finding ways we can’t versus finding ways we can.

We try and protect ourselves because we don’t want to be disappointed. We forget that sometimes the greatest disappointment in life is having not fought for what we wanted in the first place. Sometimes we change because of the things and people around us. We might think it’s our choice but our influence plays a huge roll. Even now I do not want you to be persuaded by this post. Question everything I promise I won’t take any offense!

I can express what I think or my opinions on things but you have to decide what it all means to you. What your beliefs and values are, and how do they align with your priorities, is up to you.  I feel if it can benefit you then apply it.  If it can’t then find something that can.  Keep searching and exploring until things seem to come to you.

A lot of us are born with a great imagination but many of us fail to protect that priceless gift. We take it for granted until it’s too late and then we rationalize why we lost it in the first place. We start saying, “yeah well you know, I had to grow up at some point.”

I get that life can be challenging and for some it has been nothing less than traumatic.  I know sitting behind a computer its safe, and almost seems as though I come from some magical place of pure fiction.  I do believe in something greater though because I know all of the stories have to come from somewhere.  People do not just become successful or lead a great legacy over night.  In fact most of them would probably tell you that they themselves never saw it coming.  It just managed to happen on its own somehow.  A lot of very successful people including professional athletes or entrepreneurs have had some pretty rough roads.  Many face the same every day struggles regarding health, family, and friendships as we all do.  The difference is some chose to push through, they saw something over time.  Pieces began to fit together.

For those of you wondering if there is hope out there, or are wondering if you are capable of maybe pushing yourself a little bit further to your potential, I want to tell you that I believe you can.  I used to have my own doubts with things and I eventually started to think that if others can do things, well so can I.  You have to remain positive and as open minded as possible.  That is what works for me anyways.  Give it a shot and see what happens!  More often than not you probably don’t have much to lose by trying to feel better about yourself or your life.  You probably have nothing to lose trying to create positive change within it.

milky-way-rocks-night-landscapeRemember no matter what with anything in life even if it is foreign to you, you can always learn.  You can “practice” learning.  If you change and change your attitude, imagine the change you can create for all of those that are around you.  People can thank you.  You can serve a purpose.  You can have a reason to live!


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