Being Perfect Isn’t The Key. Feeling good Is

pexels-photo-240145.jpegRemember when you were a child how crazy and exciting everything seemed?  Everything was so brand new and overwhelming!  I can remember just playing and not having a care in the world about anything!  My responsibilities were next to nothing even though I still had a purpose.  My purpose was to learn and just do whatever came naturally.  So what happened to that little kid?  More importantly what did he believe in when he grew up?

When we are young we take so much for granted because we don’t know any better.  We laugh, we play, we eat, and just kind of follow our parents and whomever is our influence.   We learn a lot even though we aren’t aware of it.  We make so many accomplishments that seem to be easy.  A lot of times we feel good about a lot and it boosts our confidence.  We feel invincible.  We can do anything!

So again what happened?  Well as most of us understand we had to “progress”.  We had to move forward with the kids around us and sort of keep up with the cultural norms.  We usually attended school and learned the basics of life and our society because its just what we did.  Remember your were a kid, you struggled to do a lot on your own yet.  You were just getting started at this thing called “life”.  You didn’t know any better.

So where am I getting at with this?  You are probably glancing at the title and going OK, this guy has ADD for sure.  He’s clearly off topic.  Well remember that part about being perfect isn’t the key? Well I’m not and when I was a kid I worried about that.  I didn’t always feel good about myself and I had so many questions.  I didn’t really say anything.  I mean did you?

They say that feeling good is a mindset.  We can learn to be happy and to appreciate what we have and to be more grateful.  We can grow and be whatever we want.  It starts to become confusing though because then people start telling us that we need to be more realistic.  We are “adults” now.  So how come they don’t just say give up on everything and just get a regular job?  I mean wouldn’t it hurt a lot less especially hearing it from the people we look up to, and care about?

A lot of times family and friends mean well but they can be dream killers.  People are a product of their environment more often than not, and their stubborn ways probably stem from someone they looked up to.  Parents influence us so much and some, well had it a lot harder than we did.  They are a little tough and rigid and tend to repeat what they were taught even if its not what they wanted growing up.  My point is that you have to do what is best for you!  Sometimes you kind of have to go against what people tell you, even those you love.

Being perfect is impossible.  Human beings are simply imperfect.  However there is a lot of beauty and freedom in that!  Free will and choice are things that a lot of us take for granted.  We say we want guidance, but thinking for ourselves and making our own mistakes are what fuels our souls!  We can forge our own path!

You like most, are probably someone who works really hard.  If you are a parent and you sacrifice most of your time for your child’s well being, then you already have a good work ethic.  You probably work a job, maybe two or three.  Even if you don’t have children you most likely have a good amount of responsibilities and obligations.  Sometimes though, you need to figure out what you want.  What makes you smile or makes you happy?  If its the things you are already doing then you got it figured out.  If not, well then what do you need?  How can you achieve it?  Who can help you with your goals in life?  Who can help you to do well by yourself and by others?  What would the kid in you want?

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