We All Search For One Thing But We Must Start With Something

Your Heaven Is Closer Than You Think!

So It is 11:38PM and I finally created my blog.  Yes I finally took the leap!  I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about it, or how many times people  have recommended it, but here it is finally.

I chose to create this because I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to make something of myself and be independent.  I wanted to “create” something.  I wanted something of my own that I could share with the world.  No matter what it is you do with your life you will never get anywhere until to try.  Why do you think I put the time in the first sentence? Is it random?

The reason is because I want to inspire you.  I want you to know that it is OK to be lost and wanting to find your way.  It is OK, to want more out of your life!  I do!  So I finally took the advice of many people and yes, at 11:38PM on a work night before having to get up at 5:00AM, to go to a job I do not want to, I did it!  I finally took action and so can you.

It isn’t some magical option or some superpower that gets people to success.  Quite simply its action.  Why do I think some of the most successful people are those who take action more than others?  Well, its because they create more opportunities to fail.  Wait a minute, did I say that right?  Failure is something someone wants to do often?  If you are asking yourself that question then the answer most certainly, is yes.

You want to fail often.  What you do not want however, is for your failures to be in vein. Learning nothing from failure is pointless and foolishly wasteful.  Learning something you had not before, and being able to try again, now that’s something to pay attention to.  Whether it is starting a blog “hint hint”, dating, or even monotonous household chores, you get better by making mistakes.  You become better simply by failing.  That is how we learn.

If you take away anything from reading this I want you to remember one thing.  Your life and your happiness is going to be what you make of it no matter what.  You choose what to focus on and how positive or negative you are going to be each day.  It might be a forever going battle but it can be done.  You can find what you are looking for and more importantly what you are meant for.  It will not happen over night, but you have to try something.  Do something, and take action.  You won’t regret it.  You will only regret not having the courage to try.  I almost did.


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